Video review of 63636 - Flasher LED 12V 150W 3 Terminal Compatible With EP34 CF13GL-02

Product Code: 63636
LED compatible 12 volt DC flasher, maximum 150 watt. Can use incandescent or LED bulbs. Please do not exceed maximum wattage. CE and Rohs listed. Long life up to 400 hours flashing. See product detail for warranty period. Includes 1 item per package. Up to 13 amps max. This relay saves time and money by not having to install load equalizers with LED bulbs. The three terminals are B, E, L. The flasher can operate from .02 Amps to 20 Amps. This flasher will eliminate hyper flashing or bulb out error. Flasher complies with or exceeds SAE 100-hour test. The flasher passes FMVSS: J945, J590 certification. Compatible with: CEC EF34 NAPA EP34 CARQUEST FSH7058 EATON BUSSMAN 758 PETERSEN PM558 IDEAL 768 TRIDON EP34 GROTE 44892 SIGNAL STAT 263 SIGNAL STAT 267D HELLA 66051 SMP EFL8 SMP EFL13 SMP EFL20 SMP EFL21 SMP EFL22 SMP EFL23 EP34, EP-34 or EP 34 CF14, CF 14 or CF-14 or JL-02, JL02 JL 02. GL 02 GL-02 GL02 CF13 CF13GL02 CF13 GL02 CF13-GL02 CF13GL-02 CF13GL 02 CF13-GL-02 CF13 GL-02 Compatible flasher for Volvos Compatible with european vehicles that use the 3 pin flasher63636 video review thumbnail