Video review of 36233 - Knight Rider LED Bulb

Product Code: 36233
Knight Rider LED Bulb. 12 VDC. This led light has scanning LED scanning options. 48 LEDs (3 Chip) RGB 5050 SMT LEDs. Glowing effect. Wireless remote, brake strobe. Use the remote to change scanning options. Very cool LED scanner. Unit remembers settings for next power on, so you do not have to set it if scanner looses power. Red wire connected to positive and black wire to ground or chassis. 20 modes of scanning. The speed of scan is adjustable. Tail dragging and lightening effects. Good way to get the vehicle behind you attention. Total length about 22 inches, about .3 deep and .62 wide. Very water resistant, rugged. This knight rider kit has everything needed for the installation. Works great for cars and trucks. CE and Rohs.36233 video review thumbnail