Video review of 34324 - Low Profile Candle E14 Base 1.5 Watt LED Light Bulb 120 VAC

Product Code: 34324
24 LED Low Profile Candle. Available in Daylight White. 40 lumen output and only uses 1.5 watts of energy. Comparable to a 15 watt incandescent equivalent. Operates 120 Vac. This LED light bulb measures approximately 4.67in x 1.45in. E14 Base. IP Class: 60. Weight: 0.03kg. FCC, CE and RoHS listed. Body Type: Aluminum. Luminous Efficacy: 63.3. Lumen maintenance: 95. Beam angle: 120/60 Degrees. Unit Amps: 0.007. LED Watts: 0.0465 W. Unit Watts: 1.116W. Forward Lumen: (DW) 95LM. (WW) 85.5LM. 34324 video review thumbnail