Video review of 84575 - E26 to G4 MR11 MR16 GX5.3 G6.35 Mini Bi-pin female Converter

Product Code: 84575
E26 / E27 male to GX5.3 G4 female 6.35 female, MR11 female, MR16 female Adapter Converter. Use this adapter to convert G4, MR11 and MR16 products to E27 base. The mini bi-pin converter rated power is 2200 watts, 10 amps, and 220 volts max. This converter measures approximately 1.69 inches by 1.09 inches. This converter does not have a ballast or power supply, it just provides electrical connection from MR16 to E27. The adapter is made of ceramic to handle heat better in the center. The outside cosmetic ring is made of plastic materials. Medium base to mr11 socket.84575 video review thumbnail