Video review of 78469 - E26 Standard Ultra Bright 6 Watt LED Light

Product Code: 78469
Standard Ultra Bright 6 Watt LED Lights. Available in white and warm white. An amazing 340 Lumen output. Uses only 6 Watts of power. It has a range of 85-265 Volts. 50/60 Hertz operation. The approximate size is 2.75" diameter and 4.80" long. Very nice heat sink to keep LEDs cooler for longer life expectancy. Good to use for indoor and outdoor applications. Excellent for use as room lighting, decorative lighting as well as ambience lighting. 60 watt equivalent light output. The white is 5000-6500 Kelvin rating and the warm white is 3000-3500 Kelvin rating.78469 video review thumbnail