Video review of 12353 - GX23 2 Pin to E27 Converter

Product Code: 12353
GX23D 2 Pin to E27 converter. Rated 500 watts, 250 VAC, 2 Amps. The GX23D is male. The E27 is female. CE and Rohs. Made of Flame retardant PBT + Copper. Great to replace cfl with energy efficient LED bulb. This adapter is l.e.d. common base so it fits GX23D, GX23D-2. The starter and/or ballast will need to be bypassed if using a LED light, incandescent or a Ballasted CFL in the fixture. The GX23D 2 pin has two notches on the middle post. Please Note: You will need to BYPASS the BALLAST in your SYSTEM for this converter to work properly.12353 video review thumbnail