Video review of 87976 - E12 Low Profile 12 LEDs Light Bulb 120V A.C.

Product Code: 87976
E12 Low Profile LED Light Bulb. 12 LEDs. E12 base, very low profile LED Lamp. 120 VAC. Available in white and warm white. Approximate size is 1.57in (height) x 1.54in (width). Weight: 8.5G. CE and RoHS listed. Luminous Efficacy: 80lm/w. Lumen maintenance: 80-90%. Beam angle: 270 Degrees. Forward Lumen: 27Lm. Side Lumen: 16Lm. LED Watts: 0.06 W. Unit Watts: 0.5W. CRI: 70. 87976 video review thumbnail