Video review of 44634 - T25 Wedge 19 LED Light 12 VDC

Product Code: 44634
3156 3157 Wedge 19 LED Light. This LED lamp has 19 forward firing T5 LED's. The light does not have a filament to break and is vibration proof. Since it is LED the turn on and off faster than a incandescent light bulb. The light is monochromatic pure color. LEDs use less power than a incandescent bulb so there is almost no heat generated by a led bulb. The approximate size is 1.73in x 1.04in. Available in super white, red, yellow, green and blue. Operates at 12 VDC. 3156 replaces T25 T-25 3156 3056 3456 4156 3155. 3157 replaces T25 T-25 3057 3155 3157 3357 3457 4157.44634 video review thumbnail