Video review of 56879 - Flexible 5050 SMD 39 Inches

Product Code: 56879
Flexible 5050 SMT LED Light 39 Inches / 1 Meter Low Voltage 12 Volt DC. One inch between each LED. Light output 100 lumens at 1 foot. Can be cut to a different size. After cutting to size you cannot inter connect the flexible strip to the next one it would need to be the end piece. Very Bright product. Width of the LED flexible strip measures .39 of an inch or 10.0 mm. 8.18 power watt consumption. The flexible strip’s thickness measures .10 of an inch or 2.6 mm. Open air ventilation. Frequency ranges from 50-60 Hz. Operates from 5% to 95% relative humidity. 20,000 hours of LED life. 30 LEDs per strip. Adhesive backing for quick and easy placement of the led 5050 SMT flexible. CE and Rohs certified. Variable DC. Dimmable. Available in white (6000k). Great for outdoor/indoor parties, holidays, stage and other decorations, accent lighting, landscaping, special events, etc.56879 video review thumbnail