Video review of 76575 - G23 2 Pin male to E26 female Converter Adapter

Product Code: 76575
G23 2 Pin male with 2 Pin or G23 4 Pin adapts to E26 E27 female Standard Edison Screw Base. Very easy to install adapter versus changing out the entire fixture. This converter saves time & money CE, Rohs certifications marks. The PLS 2 pin converter will fit G23 and G23-2 sockets/bases. The starter and/or ballast will need to be bypassed/removed if using a LED Light in the fixture. The G23 2 Pin is led common base which fits box G23 2 Pin and G23-2 2 or 4 Pin sockets. The PLS 2 pin has the wattage options 5, 7, 9, 11w = G23. Rated 500 Watts, 250 VAC, 2 Amps. Works good for self ballasted germicidal lamps. This converter has no electronics just wires that connect the E26/E27 to the G23 so what voltage you screw this converter into is the same voltage that will be provide for the G23 bulb inserted into the converter. Compatible with: Aero garden grow bulb Model #10062976575 video review thumbnail