Video review of 64843 - Dimmer 12VDC 96 Watt 8 Amp Channel

Product Code: 64843
Infrared Remote Dimmer Control Low Voltage Controller 12 volts 8 amps max, one channel. Has IR remote control so you can activate low voltage source with remote. Works great for remote control LED Lights in each room and reduce power bills. One remote will control more than one controller. You can also use the manual knob on the controller. Comes with nice surface mounting box to mount the box to a surface. Then the pictured faceplate fits the box nice. If you loose your remote you can also manually adjust the light level with the manual knob on the faceplate, just turn it to desired dimming level. Demensions: Approx H: 3.44 in X L 3.44 in X W 1.69 in. This 12v led dimmer works good in rv, campers and boats. 64843 video review thumbnail