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LED Mini RGB LED Controller 12VDC 6A 72W 3 Channel

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Small, RGB 12V DC Controller, Great for projects that have no space. 2 amp max per channel, 3 channels. Max output 72 watts total power @ 12 volts dc. Availabe in common anode. PWM, 256 level, brightness and speed control. Working temperature -20c to 60c. Great for LED lights, LED flexible strips, LED Tubes. Use LED repeaters to extend the LED Lighting distance for flexible lighting or LED tubes or number of LED Lights. Just plug in RGB strip or any light into each one of the 3 different colors or channels. Super small, super easy to learn. Very excellent product to use for bar, restaurant, backyard, patio, porch, party and other RGB color effects. Lowest cost, highest quality RGB controller for long life LED or other lighting needs. The RGB flexible strip is inserted into the top using a 42623 fleixible connector. 12 volts DC is applied to the red wire and ground is connected to the black wire and you have hooked up an RGB controller very easy, low cost RGB system. Demensions: Approx H: .47 in X L 1.65 in X W .12 in.
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