H4 P43T LED headlight Bulb 6 to 9 Volts Non Polarity Dual Filament product 64563
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H4 P43t LED Headlight Bulb 5 to 9 Volts Non Polarity Dual Filament Pair

Product Code: 64563

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H4 P43T led headlight bulb, works for both positive ground and negative ground vintage and classic vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters. 1:1 LED headlamps. These lamps are 1:1 plug and play lamps. They have the same clear cut-off line beam patterns as the original bulbs do, but much brighter and more compacted. The lamps are made with 8-chips high power 3570 LED's. Uses approxemately 1.47A@8V for both low beam and high beam. The real output reaches up to 1800 Lumens per headlight bulb. Up to 144 CP candle power per led bulb. These CSP leds are very close to the original filament size for the best conversion to led. The mini-inside fan runs very differently from the ones in the market. They are rare to fail! And even if by any chance the fan fails, the lamp will work the same. Classic vehicle and heavy truck lighting area. The headlight bulbs operate 5-9 volts. Please see specification link for dimensions. Comes 2 bulbs per package. Since LED headlights use 80% less energy than a standard halogen bulb you made need to install headlight load equalizers product 65832 if your lights flicker or do not change to high beam after installation of the led headlights. When looking at the connector the left most contact is common usually positive ground or negative ground, the center contact is the low beam and the right most contact is the high beam. Perfectly works with product 69854 which is a 7" round semi-sealed housing and 68721 which is a 5"x7" rectangle housing. Both these semi-sealed housings use the P43T bulb. CE and Rohs. When the low beam is on there is a shade to keep oncoming traffic from being dazzled or blinded. The led headlights will stay the same brightness form 5 to 9 volts positive ground or negative ground. Compatibility 1948 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe load equalizers suggested Vintage 6v Honda motorcycle 1948 Plymouth 1949 Plymouth convertible 1950 Plymouth 6v positive ground h46v60\55wp43t Narva H4/9003/HB2 Old Porsches Old VW Volkswagens 1953 Ford pickup 6 Volt positive ground requires semi-sealed fixture 69854
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