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5050 SMD Water Resistant Flexible 12 VDC 48 Inch

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This is a 48 inch 5050 SMD LED Water Resistant Flexible Light. This flexible light has 48 5050 SMD led’s. With an IP 55 rating this product is water resistant. It has a flexible clear rubber sleeve to protect the led’s from the water. This product is low voltage and operates at 12 Volt D.C. This product is available in white, red, green, blue, yellow amber, and warm white. This flexible light is interlink able and has a unit wattage of 11.52 watts and a beam angle of 120 degrees and has 1 inch per led spacing. CRI is 75%. This product measures 48 inches by .38 inches. PLEASE NOTE: In order to connect multiple flexible led lights you need part number 42623, a flexible connector. You can cut these lights to fit the size you need with cut marks on the back side. These lights can be cut down to size, please note that when you cut the strip the end that has been cut cannot be plugged into any longer. Once the cut is made both sides will need to be independently hooked up to power.
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