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#1651 Miniature Bulb BA15S Base 5 Volt Single Filament S8

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This 5V #1651 led lantern bulb is vibration resistant so you do not have to worry about broken glass bulb or damaged filament. Up to 320 Lumen output 360 degree illumination. This bulb is comparable to the Mean Spherical Candlepower MSCP. The filament design is C-6. The base is Single Contact Bayonet BA15S. The LED bulb is a drop in replacement for #1651. The l.e.d. bulb shape fits within the standard S8 size so you do not have worry about fit if the current bulb is S8 size. The bulb operates at 5 volts used for lanterns and solar lighting. Long life up to 30,000 hours. The Lumen output is 30 Lumen. The bulb is available in White 6000 Kelvin and Warm white 3000 Kelvin. The led light bulb is comparable to a 20 to 30 Watt incandescent bulb. This bulb does not have glass or a filament that can break when you are camping, 4 wheeling, hunting and fishing, boating. Great for off the grid since there is no worry of a broken filament. This led bulb will be ready to go when you need it. The l.e.d. bulb uses about 80% less power than a incandescent so the lantern or battery will last 80% to 90% longer. This bulb can operate as a AC non polarity positive ground or DC polarity sensitive negative ground. 5 volt light.
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