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BAY15D Socket with Wires

Product Code: 34346

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BAY15D Socket Female Socket with pigtail. Use this BAY15D socket with 6" inches 2 wires. A 1154 or 1157 has the bayonets are offset and have two contacts on the bottom. Made of plated metal materials for super long life. Can be used either positive ground or negative ground. Operates from 0 to 24 Volts. CE and Rohs listed.
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G4 G5.3 GY6.35 Socket Lamp Holder with Wires
G4 G5.3 GY6.35 Socket Lamp Holder with Wires
Product Code: 43644
Price USD: $0.59Quantity Pricing Available
Fits the following GU4.0, GX4.0, GU5.3, GX5.3 Socket with pigtail. Use this socket for G4, MR11 and MR16. Works great for repairing faulty and corroded sockets. Works great for new installations.
BAY15D Socket with Stand
BAY15D Socket with Stand
Product Code: 35674
Price USD: $2.19Quantity Pricing Available
1157 Socket, with stand. This 1157 socket comes with a mounting bracket, great for lighting projects. With two positive wires and the base used as the negative ground, it makes installation quick and easy.
BA15S Socket with Wire
BA15S Socket with Wire
Product Code: 85675
Price USD: $0.69Quantity Pricing Available
1156 Socket with pigtail wires. The socket is made of durable metal materials. The wire is 18 awg stranded wire. CE and Rohs listed.
BA15D Socket with Wires
BA15D Socket with Wires
Product Code: 45638
Price USD: $2.31Quantity Pricing Available
BA15D Socket with pigtail. BA15D Socket with wires. Plated socket with two wires for negative and positive connection. Since it is BA15D the bayonets are same height. BA15D allows only one circuit.
GU10 female Socket wire Wires
GU10 female Socket wire Wires
Product Code: 43675
Price USD: $2.79Quantity Pricing Available
GU10 female Socket with pigtail wires. The GU10 socket is made of ceramic material, with copper/plated metal contacts. CE and Rohs listed. The wires are 18 awg copper wire. The wires are about 8 inches long.