Video review of 22572 - Dimmer DC Terminal 12-24VDC One Channel 24W

Product Code: 22572
Dimmer/DC Terminal 12-24VDC One Channel 2A 12V/24W. Use this between power supply and low voltage tube light. No tools needed to have low voltage dimming. Just plug in 65987 and any one of our low voltage tube lights. Has about 8 inches of wire then either a male or female 5mm socket so it is easy to hook up. If you need to hook the wire to another wire you can cut the connectors but warning this voids the warranty. So you can save energy by using 12V low voltage techonology along with infrared motion detection IR for very easy and sophisticated low voltage motion operated LED lighting. You can use this with any low voltage product that uses up to 24W@12V. Demensions: total length 20.04 inches. By adding this dimmer switch, you get full dimmability with you dimmable DC LED lights.22572 video review thumbnail