Video review of 21547 - 120 Watt High Power Outdoor LED Light 100-240VAC

Product Code: 21547
Rugged IP65. Includes mounting bracket that you can angle the light perfectly where it is needed. Wide voltage 100VAC-240VAC. Up to 13,200 lumen output, very bright. 120 degree viewing angle. Only in white 6000 Kelvin color. -30c to 50c operating temperature. Operating humidity 10-90 % RH. UP to or longer than 50, 000 hours. Dimensions approx.: 12.60" x 23.86" x 6.85". Aluminum and reinforced glass. Greater than 90% efficiency for power supply/ballast. 1 year warranty. CE, RoHS & FCC Certified. Green Wire will be the Ground, Blue and Brown wire will be the live wires.21547 video review thumbnail