Video review of 48769 - 48 Inch Tube 12 Volt DC Switch Plug

Product Code: 48769
Up to 500 Lumen output. 40 Watt fluorescent tube light equivalent. 24 Watts power consumption. 430 ma current consumption. Available in white 6000 K, warm white 3000 K, red 630 nm - 780 nm, green 500 nm-570 nm, blue 420 nm-470 nm, amber/yellow 570-600 nm and color changing RGB. RGB sequence cycles in 22 seconds. Available in 6" with 12 LEDs, 12" with 24 LEDs, 24" with 48 LEDs, and 48" with 96 LEDs. Long life of 60,000 hours. Tube Diameter approximately 15/16 Inch. Operating voltage 12V DC. Back side is flat. 12, 24, 48, and 96 Super Flux LED Lights. The tube is rigid. The use of our power transformer # 65987 is recommended. This transformer is designed for these tube lights and will help prevent premature LED burnout. Extremely durable, shock proof, vibration proof, Monochromatic (pure) color, low heat generation and, virtually unbreakable. Great for fluorescent tube replacement in the home or business also great for shelf accent lighting in the home, RV or at the office. On/Off switch included on the 12 inch LED tube lights. LED Tube is made of acrylic plastic, with mounting screws on each end. For RVs, Buses, Trains, Task Lights, Cabinets, Boats, ect. Only one LED Tube Light can be hooked up to one power adapter. Up to 4 feet can be run from one power supply. To calculate how many tubes lights you can operate with larger power supplies divide the power supply wattage buy the tube light wattage. Transformer Sold separately (Not included). The RGB version has its own RGB controllable built in and can not be controlled by our other RGB controllers. The externally controlled RGB works great with 3 Channel RF controller part number 74324 and 3 Channel repeater part number 54324 to have your tube light in sequence for extended distances. This product can be dimmed by a variable D.C. power supply. The wire harness is 38 Inches long with switch and female plug.48769 video review thumbnail