Video review of 44232 - BA15D 3 Watt LED Light 12V AC-DC

Product Code: 44232
180 Lumen output. Comparable to a 25-35 Watt Incandescent. 3 Watt power consumption. 300 mA current consumption. Available in white 6000-7000 Kelvin or warm white 2800-3300 Kelvin. Long life of 50,000 hours. 30 Degree viewing angle. BA15D base. Operating voltage 12V AC or 12V DC. 1.96 inches diameter x 2.91 inches height. Crystal glass lens. Three 1 Watt LED Light 12V AC/DC. CE approved. Replaces 12V 32 degree BA15d in elevators equipment. Great for RV's. Used in elevators. Replaces bulb # 1383.44232 video review thumbnail