Video review of 34523 - E12 Low Profile 12 LED Low Voltage 12V AC/DC LED Lamp NCNRNW

Product Code: 34523
E12 Low Profile 12V AC/DC Low Voltage LED Lamp. 43 Lumen output. 12 Volts AC or DC. Available in white. E12 Base very nice low profile LED Light for small space saving LED lighting. Approximate size is 1.57in (height) x 1.51in (width). Weight: 8.5G. CE and RoHS listed. Luminous Efficacy: 80LM/W. Lumen maintenance: 80-90%. Beam angle: 270 Degrees. Forward Lumen: 27Lm. Side Lumen: 16 Lm. LED Watts: 0.06 W. Unit Watts: 0.5 W. CRI: 70. 34523 video review thumbnail