#63 Miniature Bulb BA15S Base 6 Volt 9 LED
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#63 Miniature Bulb BA15S Base 6 Volt 9 LED

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6 Volt Positive Chassis or Negative Chassis Miniature bulb. The maxium bulb length is 1.24 inches and the maxium diameter is is .75 inches. This will fit the small size of a #63 light bulb. BA15S single contact. G6 single contact bayonet LED. C-6, C-2R filament design compatible, single filament Uses only 1 Watt at 6 volts. Uses very low power. The profile is very small to match the profile of the #63 bulb. The light output is up to 90 Lumens the #63 bulb has a rated output of 3 candle power CP, the LED is up to 6 candle power so about twice as bright as stock light bulb. This bulb is available in White 6000K, Warm White 3000K, Red 625 nm, Green 526 nm, Blue 464 nm & Yellow 594 nm. Long life up to 30,000 hours. The colored LED's the color is created by the wave length of the LED chip material and is not painted like old fashioned colored incandescent bulb. Comparable to a 8 to 10 Watt incandescent light bulbs. Since the l.e.d. is 80 to 90% efficient versus a incandescent bulb some times the LED's will be brighter and use less power. Since led's are solid state you do not have to worry about broken or damaged filament or glass bulb. Compatible with #63 Mazda bulb. The LED bulb fits inside the outline of a G6 shape miniature bulb so you do not have to worry about fit issues. Great for vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and trucks. Pre World War II vehicles, motorcycles and trucks were 6 volt positive chassis or positive ground. CE and Rohs listed. Great for instrument panels, dashboards, dome and license plate lamps. Also fits Courtesy, Map, Parking, side marker, and Tail lamp. Legal for on or off road use. Fits Model A Ford Cowl lamp and Buick cowl lamp. Compatible with 1929, 1930, 1931 and 1932 Model A Fords. Compatible with: 63-LUGON 63-TUNG-SOL 63-TUNGSOL 6811 6811-PHILIPS 940-0244 940-0244-HAAG-STREIT A4111W AB2401 AGI-3111 AT-3111 AT-3111-AIDLITE AT3111 AT3111-AIDLITE AT4101 BE13466A BE13466A-EUROPE CFF40 CFF40-HALCO CM63 CNS-M1815C G25WH25 G25WH25-HALCO G25WH60 G25WH60-HALCO K5627 LUCAS-205 M1815C M1815C-CNS MB-00630 MB00630 ML-63 ML63 ML63-AIDLITE O-5002 O5002 T63 63-USA also known as Cross-Reference: 63-USA 031293408303 031293408303-EIKO 031293408310 031293408310-EIKO 06-005-04 06-005-04-CANIMPEX 0940-0244 0940-0244-HAAG-STREIT 113-LUCAS 200-BMC 200-BTH 200-LUCAS 200-MAZDA 200-OSRAM 200-PHILIPS 2007 2007-FOCUS 2007-HALCO 205 22780-1 2605-TUNGSRAM 301-TRIFA 4111 4111-STANLEY 5002 5002-HALCO 5002-OSRAM 63 63-200 63-200-MAZDA 63-200-USA 63-BP 63-BP-EIKO 63-EIKO 63-GE 63-LECTRA #63 63 63LL 63LLBP2 A13705RA A13705RB A13705RC 78-13466-6V B-13465-6V 51 #51
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G18 S25 2.6 Watt L.E.D. bulb. Non polarity bulb, up to 260 lumen output, 6 to 24 volts, life up to 30,000 hours, 13 5730 smd , available in white 6000 K, warm white 3000 K, Red 625 nm, Green 526 nm, Blue 464 nm & Yellow 594 nm.