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LED Headlight P15D/1 RP35 Prefocus 30 SMD 6V Dual Filament

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Warranty: 24 Months

P15D/1 RP35 or P15D-30 base LED Headlight bulb for 6 volts. Up to 32/50 CP candle power. CP is equal to 12.75 Lumens or up to 408 Lumen output. This bulb has P15d double contact prefocus male base. The headlamp has two filaments for both a low beam and a hi beam. The led lamp has a equivalent C6 dual filament design. This bulb has been tested to output up to 700 Lumen output. This headlamp has been optically aligned so the leds are in the same position as a filament would be for maximum optical focal point illumination. The bulb comes in White 6000 Kelvin and Warm White 3000 Kelvin. This bulb will work in old Chevy automobiles and motorcycles and UK vehicles. Fits glass shape RP11 or RP-11. Life up to 30,000 hours. Comparable to a 27 to 50 Watt Incandescent light bulb. Please see the long warranty details at the bottom of the page. The bulb has been designed specifically for old vintage and classic automobiles, trucks, tractors and motorcycles that are either 6 volt positive ground or six volt negative ground. This led lamp has be designed to fit that shape and size of a standard incandescent bulb so there should not be any fit issues. Very simple DIY, turn off power, remove old incandescent light bulb and install the new led lamp. Compatible with the following: P15d-1 Ford 48-13007-6 #1631X Miniature Bulb P15d30A Base 6.5 Volt 23 MSCP S-8 Double Contact Prefocus P15d30A Base GE 28100 23 31 2331 Westinghouse 2330 23 30 L, 2330L, Damar 9220A, 7578, 5616, L6032, DLAX2-110185, 170-756H, B-13007-2330, LB-2330-1936, Mazda, Master, NORS, FX Guide Headlight Globe 2320, 32/21C, 32CP/21CP, 32/21CP A5655 6V 25W/25W P15d Headlamp for Ford, Mercury, GM, Buick, Chevrolet, Hudson, Packard, Cadillac, etc 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 Fits 1937-39 Buick, 1937-38 Cadillac, 1937-39 Chevrolet, 1940-1948 Crosley, 1937-39 Ford, 1938-41 graham, 1938-41 Hupmobile, 1939 Lasalle, 1938-39 Lincoln Zephyr, 1939 Mercury, 1937-39 Oldsmobile, 1937-39 Packard, 1937-39 Pontiac, 1937-42 Willys CaterPpillar Tractor 5F8252 Corcoran Brown 2374 Harley Davidson Big Twin Harley Davidsons from 1936 to 1948 Some Smaller Models from 1933 to 1954 Knuckleheads International Harvester 110185 Hudson Terraplane John Deere 1952 M Suzuki 1980 FA50 Scooter 2330-AZ-RG9H-3
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